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Inground Pools

Modern Comfort Pools offer Inground Pool packages from Pacific Pools and Excalibur™ Pool.

  • Gunite Inground Pools CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION
  • Gunite PoolsGunite PoolsGunite Pools

    The design and installation of a pool is an exciting time. Homeowners can design a new pool, selecting from a variety of shapes, options and types of pool, including one of the most popular varieties, gunite.

    Gunite pools from Modern Comfort use a rebar framework that is sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture. The method is preferable over a traditional poured concrete pool that uses a wooden frame to maintain the shape of the basin. Gunite is very durable, resulting in a long-lasting investment. In addition, gunite pools enable homeowners to choose from a nearly unlimited range of shapes.

    Pool owners with gunite pools can also choose from a variety of finishes to coordinate with the rest of their outdoor living area. Plaster finishes are available in a wide array of color tones to coordinate with the pool decking chosen. Other finishes can be created from pebbles or glass for a truly individual, sophisticated appearance in any gunite swimming pool.

    Pool owners can also choose from a range of features to be added to gunite pools, such as waterfalls and custom steps. The flexibility of the material means a gunite swimming pool can be customized to meet a specific taste and budget.

    Because of gunite's beauty, versatility, and durability, they're one of the most popular choices for pool design and installation. If you are considering an in-ground swimming pool, find a pool professional that will give you precise building terms and a construction timetable to ensure your project is completed properly and on time.

    Modern Comfort Pools, one of Long Island's premier pool design and installation specialists, offers a free, no obligation consultation for homeowners considering the installation of gunite and other pool types.

  • Composite Graphex by Pacific Pools CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

    Building Quality Pools Since 1981, Modern Comfort Pools specializes in inground Graphite/Composite Polymer Pools By Pacific Pools... The Leader Since 1956.

    Our pools feature 100% Corrosion-Free Construction - it will never rust, oxidize or degrade. It's stronger than steel or concrete, and we'll guarantee it for life!

    Check out Pacificpools.com it will answer all of your questions regarding inground pools by Pacific Pools.

    You can get a free video and brochure.

  • Modern Comfort provides unrivaled craftsmanship in building concrete, poured-in-place inground pools. Constructed using #4 rebar and ten-inch thick concrete, our custom designed pools offer the greatest strength and longevity.

  • Steel Wall Pools from Pacific Pools CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION
  • Comprised of three separate systems—the wall panels and braces, steps, and the liner—the Pacific Trident Steel Pool System delivers maximum durability and strength for years of maintenance-free enjoyment. You can relax knowing that your new Pacific Pool is backed by a Lifetime Warranty that is transferable!

    The Pacific Trident Steel Wall Panels and Braces combine the strength of the materials we use like a full concrete collar with the strength offered by the overall design. Your Pacific Pool meets or exceeds The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals standards.

    Pacific Steps with the Totally Encapsulated Support patented system are designed as an integral component of the Trident Pool System. They are built to deliver rock-solid performance.