• Modern Comfort PoolsHow much does it cost?
  • Each pool is as unique as the home you live in. And each pool is priced based on its shape, size and depth; the accessories you want, such as a heater or a slide; and the conditions that have to be addressed to install the pool in your yard. For instance, removing a lot of trees and stumps in addition to installation will cost more than simply installing a pool in a level backyard without trees.

    The best way to price your pool is to talk to your Pacific Showcase Builder, who can help you pick out the pool that best meets your family's needs. Your Showcase Builder will give you a good idea of what you can expect during installation. And though you're never under any obligation to have the builder assist you, he or she can help prevent unwanted surprises.

  • How long does the installation take?
  • The actual pool installation can usually be accomplished within two weeks, but various conditions can reduce or extend that time frame. Most areas require building permits before installing an inground pool, with additional inspections during the installation process. This can add some time overall, based on your yard, the placement of the pool and how busy the inspectors are. If you are having your builder do custom work on the pool, such as stone decking or retaining walls, you can expect installation to take a little longer. The important thing to remember is to build the pool you want the first time, since trying to change it or add features later can become expensive.

  • What is Graphex?
  • Graphex is the name given to the unique technology used in Pacific Pools' manufacturing process. We take a recipe of engineered polymer resins, heat them to an extremely high temperature, then inject the molten mixture into an aluminum mold under pressure. After introducing nitrogen gas, a honeycomb design is created, resulting in a solid outer surface with a foamed core. It's both lightweight and extremely strong.

    If you look at the backside of a Pacific Pool wall panel, you'll see that the engineered design encompasses a GRAPH pattern of horizontal and vertical ribbing, filled in with a HEXagonal throughout.

    The combination of superior material and engineered panel design give you the ultimate pool: GRAPHEX.

  • How long will my Pacific Pool last?
  • The combination of the polymer material with the engineered panel design means your Pacific Graphex Pool will last a lifetime. In fact, we put a lifetime transferable warranty on every pool we manufacture. Should you sell your home, the warranty is transferable to the next owner at no additional cost to either of you. At Pacific Pools, we pride ourselves in providing peace of mind.

  • What type of lining is used?
  • There are various types of pool surfaces used in the pool industry. Some are concrete, some are marcite, some are acrylic or gelcoat, and some are vinyl. No matter if you have a gunite, concrete, fiberglass or steel walled pool, you need some type of surface to protect the pool's structure and to retain the water.

    Ask anyone in the pool business which surface is easiest to maintain, and you'll hear, "vinyl." Vinyl is the most economical, low-maintenance surface available in the pool industry today. Since the Pacific Pool is designed and built for the homeowner's enjoyment, it only makes sense that we offer a vinyl surface that makes care easy, without rough surfaces to scrape feet or toes.

    Each Pacific vinyl liner is produced from specially treated vinyl with fungicides to inhibit algae growth and UV inhibitors to keep it looking like new. No other surface can offer the same long-lasting fun.

  • What maintenance does my Pacific Pool require?
  • If you don’t vacuum your house, it will get dirty. Likewise, any pool requires periodic cleaning – a filtration system will help to provide maximum efficiency.

    Expect more cleaning around your pool’s start-up, until your decking is completed and the grass around your yard is in place.

    Most people opt for an automatic pool cleaner, a very economical addition to the pool package. Your pool will also require chemicals to ensure that the pool water maintains optimal clarity and sanitation. Your pool should require less than one hour of your time weekly when maintained properly – leaving the other 167 free for fun!

  • What kind of service will I receive from my Pacific Pools builder?
  • Your Pacific Pools Showcase Builder is a recognized industry leader. He or she is ready to provide you with a complete service program, answering questions or alleviating any concerns along the way. Be assured that your Showcase Builder is trained in the latest methods and information available to support you and your Pacific Pool today – and in the years to come.
  • What size-and-shape options does Pacific Pools offer?
  • If you can picture it, you can swim in it. At Pacific Pools, we know that not every pool owner wants the same size or shape. So we created flexibility through custom designs and added features. Be limited only by your imagination. We’ve even designed and built guitar-shaped pools for several fussy music lovers.
  • What accessories (such as heaters) are available?
  • Your Pacific Pools Showcase Builder can show you many optional accessories available for your pool. When planning your pool, make a list of all the things you would like, including lighting, slides and waterfalls – than ask your builder how they can be a part of your Pacific Pool.
  • Are there any weather/climate issues I should consider when choosing a pool?
  • Depending on where you live, there will be things to consider when planning your pool. If you live in the Midwest or Northeast, you may want to add a heater and probably a Pacific safety cover to your pool for those winter months.

    If you live in the South, make sure the decking you choose reflects the sun so the heat won’t burn your feet.

    Wherever you live, your Pacific Showcase Builder is an expert when it comes to your region, having built pools for years in the area. Your builder will make sure to build a pool that meets the needs of your family and lifestyle.

  • Where can I register my pool's Warranty?
  • You can visit the www.yourpoolwarranty.com page, or call Pacific Industries at 1-800-833-3800 to ask for the just mail in the card that was included in your package.